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Pacific Rim is obsessed with Riesling with 12 styles to choose from. We are committed to sustainability to keep the state of Washington beautiful.

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Terroir – soils, climate and people – imbues a wine region with a distinct sense of place. These unique qualities allow select varietals to thrive. Just as every major city has a signature landmark, every major winegrowing region has a signature varietal.

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Oregon has the dream climate for Pinot grapes and Rainstorm represents our love and the wondrous terroir and grape.

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Washington is one of the best producers of Cabernet Sauvignon in the country (Best Value note from Spectator). The combination of warm summers and cool evenings of Eastern Washington preserves the vibrancy of Cabernet Sauvignon and develops a refined tannin structure.

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Once sweet wines became popular, it seemed that just about every wine brand hopped on the trend and suddenly produced a sweet wine — which to us, seemed insincere.

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