Eufloria Aromatic White 375ml Can
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Eufloria Aromatic White 375ml Can

The style:
Eufloria is an Alsatian style blend made of Riesling, Pinot Gris, Muscat and Gewurztraminer that are layered together to build an aromatics blend. It is slightly fizzy and off dry at 18 to 22 g/L residual sugar though well-balanced due to the underlying crisp acidity from the dominant Riesling fraction.

Why we make this wine:
Eufloria was born from the idea of making a blend in a similar fashion to the beautiful art of Flora Bowley's that is displayed on the label. Flora layers her paintings and imbues themes and harmony, we sought to emulate her style with an assemblage that is typical from the Alsace region where each variety bring a layer of complexity to the blend.


Why Eufloria in a can:
We love the cans as they are perfectly portable and can go places where glass is unwelcome, such as the beach or the pool. The cans are light enough to go on an outside adventure and they are 100% recyclable. We also love the fact that cans are light, reducing our transportation carbon footprint.

How we make it:
The grapes for Eufloria are from the Columbia Valley and come from many of our best vineyards such as Wallula in the Horse Heaven Hills and Ramos on Snipes Mountain. The grapes are picked at night to preserve acidity and limit phenolic extraction and quickly pressed at the winery. Each varietal is fermented separately and the blend is made in January following harvest. Riesling and Muscat are the dominant part of the blend; Riesling offers acidity and freshness while the Muscat brings aromatic intensity and exuberance. Pinot Gris provides structure and Gewurztraminer adds spice and complexity. Those four varietals are the classic aromatic grapes from Alsace. The blend does not go through malolactic conversion and does not see any oak. The resulting wine is fresh and aromatic with a hint of residual sugar and 12% alcohol. The wine is lightly carbonated at canning and is about 3,900 mg/L dissolved carbon dioxide making it slightly fizzy.

Favorite pairing:
We are enjoying Eufloria aromatic blend with Vietnamese Pho with a little kick or chicken satay with a saffron rice. This wine loves a little spice!

Total Acidity: 6.6, pH: 3.3, Residual Sugar: 17 g/L, 12.0% ABV

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