Sweet Bliss Pink
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Sweet Bliss Pink

Flash a little attitude…
You’ve never had a wine like Sweet Bliss Pink before. White Zins are sooo 2005. We know you’re craving a wine with more zip and character. The complexity of Sweet Bliss Pink will exquisitely reveal itself to you with every bright and beautiful sip.

The label artwork of Sweet Bliss Pink depicts the essence and flavors of the wine impeccably. A fresh strawberry dipped in rich, white chocolate begs you to savor the delights of this sweet and clean, yet lush pink wine. The aromas of fresh strawberries jump out of the glass, while flavors of fresh melon and honey are artfully balanced by bright acidity.

Sweet Bliss Pink is beautifully versatile. It’s superb when paired with barbecued chicken or pork loin in a citrus glaze. For the ultimate indulgence, pair Sweet Bliss with berry pie or strawberry shortcake.

And of course, pour Sweet Bliss on its own as a glorious aperitif.

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