Sweet Bliss White
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Sweet Bliss White

Feeling sassy?
Sweet Bliss White is a fun wine with layers of flavors and a streak of bright character. So many sweet white wines are cloying, flabby, perfume-y or just plain boring… Not Sweet Bliss White.

The label artwork of Sweet Bliss White depicts the essence and flavors of the wine superbly. A crisp green apple dipped in luscious caramel irresistibly inspires you to delight in this lively and refreshing white wine. The aromas of citrus fruit and honeysuckle leap out of the glass, while flavors of green apple and honey are artfully balanced by vibrant acidity for a bracingly clean finish.

Sweet Bliss White is exquisitely versatile. It is outrageous with blackened catfish, spicy chicken wings or Thai cuisine. For the ultimate indulgence, pair Sweet Bliss White with cheesecake, crème brulee and ice cream.

We’re certain that you’d also delight in Sweet Bliss White on its own as a heavenly aperitif.

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